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We will guide you every step of the way!

You have various options when it comes to making a Will – from visiting a solicitor, to using your bank, completing a DIY Will kit, or doing it online. However, all of these methods come with added hassle or risk. But there is an easier way, making the whole process as relaxed as possible,

We will visit you in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. At the home visit, we will ascertain an understanding of your wishes and discuss your options. We will explain everything in plain English, so you don’t have to worry about complex legal terms. Depending on your circumstances we may discuss additional estate planning services such as trusts, lasting powers of attorney, probate administration and funeral plans.

What is the process?

1. Taking your will instruction - this is where you set out your wishes, ie the people who will receive the proceeds of your estate and who will administer the estate once you have gone.

Your assets Everything you own – this could be property, Overseas property, savings, possessions, jewellery and stocks and shares, ISA's debts.

Beneficiaries Who gets your assets. “Assets are always placed in a trust for beneficiaries under the age of 18,” “They cannot inherit until they reach this age. Sometimes clients prefer a greater age such as 21. If so, this needs to be set out explicitly.” Money can be advanced for things such as university or a car with the agreement of the trustees. Bear in mind that if a child is disabled, an inheritance may reduce or stop any means-tested benefits.

Executors These will manage and administer the estate – responsibilities include valuing assets and completing tax forms. They should be trustworthy and able to understand the issues.

Guardians Responsible for the day-to-day care, upbringing, education, health and welfare of any children under 18. If guardians aren’t named, the court decides who brings up your children. “A guardian is going to essentially be stepping into your shoes and raising your child. So things to think about are: what are their moral values, ethical values and religious beliefs? Are they going to bring the child up in the same manner with which you want your child to be brought up?”

Funeral arrangements Do you wish to be buried or cremated and where? If you decide to be buried have you purchased a plot and where?

Organ donation do you wish to donate your organs after death?

It would help the will writer if you had an idea of the above and would speed up the process.

2. Will drafting/checking. Most solicitors or will writing companies usually send out a draft will for you to read and confirm then send back to them.

At Kent Wills and Trusts we work in a slightly different way. We will arrange for a telephone appointment with you - the call would be approximately 15 minutes where the will drafter will check all details taken from the will instruction consultant.

3. Attestation This is where we will return with the will and oversee the signing and witnessing of the will.

Included in the price is a Plain English commentary of the will, a copy of the will and free letters of wishes.

Kent Wills and Trusts offer fixed fee professional will writing services. Our fees are:

Single Will £168.00 including VAT

Double Wills £242.00 including VAT

You can view our fees at https://www.kentwills.co.uk/professional-fees

The initial home appointment is free of charge we only charge for work you engage us to


If you would like us to write a will for you please feel free to call us on 01795 557597 or send us a message at https://www.kentwills.co.uk/contact

As a member of the society of Will Writers each will we draft is covered up to £2 million with professional indemnity insurance.

All work undertaken will adhere to the code of practice set out by the society of Will Writers


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