Many people are unsure when it comes to Estate Planning, thinking that seeking legal advice will be hugely expensive. We believe in transparency and by publishing our fixed fee will writing and legal services. This should give you an informed choice before engaging us. We do not charge for the initial consultation meeting (up to one hour) We will only charge you for the service requested. All prices are inclusive of VAT 



Single Will, Advance Directive (Living Will) Attestation £244


Mirror Wills, Advance Directive X 2 (Living Wills) Attestation £385


Mirror Wills, Additional Trust within Wills, X 2 Advanced Directive,Tenancy Severance, Attestation £945



Mirror Wills. X 4 Lasting Power of Attorney, Attestation £1,595


Mirror Wills, Additional Trust within Wills, X 2 Advance Directive, Tenancy Severance, X 4                               Lasting Power of Attorney, Attestation £2,135

Additional combinations of Wills and other documents are available - price on application

Payment terms are 50% fees payable on instruction and remaining 50% fees payable upon completion of work 

The Society of Will Writers is one of the regulatory bodies that oversees and regulates the Will Writing sector. As a member, we hold the certificate of code compliance and adhere to the "code of practice" set out by the Society.


Each Will we draft is covered up to £2 million of Professional Indemnity Insurance which will give you peace of mind knowing that your financial affairs will be looked after by a regulated professional firm.

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